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Electric Vehicle Chargers

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EvoCharge Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
EvoCharge Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Whether you’re looking to add a commercial EV charging station to your property or want to upgrade your existing system, EvoCharge has the solution that’s right for you. With true Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and three levels of connectivity, these EV commercial charging stations feature a modern compact design and easy-to-read display. NEMA 4 rated for temperatures from -22ºF to 122ºF and safety rated by UL. Every system is compatible with EvoCharge EvoReel – the industry leading cable management solution – and pedestal options.

EvoCharge’s Level 2 chargers put you on the road faster with up to 32 miles of driving range per hour of charging straight from a 240V outlet, and offer multiple charging options – Basic, WiFi, 4G-LTE and RFID.

Bulbs.com offers a wide range of electric vehicle charging solutions for both commercial and residential applications. The number of electric vehicles on the road has been rapidly increasing over the past several years with more importance being placed on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Many of the largest vehicle manufactures in the world, have pledged to only produce electric vehicles within the next ten years. This pledge, along with legislation from federal and state governments have paved the way for electric vehicles to become more affordable.

Bulbs.com is proud to be partnering with SemaConnect©, JuiceBox© and EvoCharge© to offer a line of EV charging units for any application. Non-Networked units are perfect for residential use but can also be used in certain commercial applications. Networked (smart charging) units allow the owner to be able to monetize charging, allow access to only certain individuals, keep it open to the public and/or any combination that is required.

Federal and many state governments have combined to allocate billions of dollars to help build the infrastructure needed to support the growing number of electric vehicles. In many areas, the cost of the charging station and installation may be covered in full by incentives offered in these programs.  Bulbs.com can offer a turn-key approach to any project by finding the best unit for the application, coordinating the installation process and maximizing the incentive money available to help reduce or even eliminate the cost of the project.

For more information, please give us a call at 888-455-2800 or send an email to customerservice@bulbs.com.

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