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Lighting Rebates
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Lighting Rebates

Utility Rebate Program

Lighting rebates are available to commercial customers for a variety of energy-efficient lighting products, sensors and controls throughout the United States. These rebate programs are offered by local utilities and each program is unique to each state or electric utility provider.

Mouse over the states in the map below to check the availability of rebates in your area.

Your utility provider may offer one or a variety of these types of rebate programs
InstantUpstream RebateInstant incentive on products at the point of sale.
Mail-inPrescriptive RebatePre-approved fixed incentive amounts for energy-efficient lighting products, sensors and controls.
CustomThese incentives are based off kW reduced or kWh reduced calculations. Products that are not applicable through the prescriptive rebate program.

Energy costs are on the rise across many businesses and by implementing energy saving projects, utilities reduce energy used, the need to construct power plants, and reduce associated maintenance costs. Utility rebates can help you improve your bottom line by lowering the upfront cost of purchasing energy-efficient lighting. Investing in energy efficiency can also create positive environmental impacts including reduced air and water pollution.

Your local utility provider will often provide rebates for energy saving products such as light emitting diode (LED) lamps that meets the high efficiency standards of ENERGY STAR® and the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) as set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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Benefits of switching to LED

  • Uses 75% less energy than incandescent
  • Lasts twenty times longer than incandescent
  • Lasts two to five times longer than fluorescent
  • Produces little heat, reducing cooling costs
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes
LED Lighting Technology Overview
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