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We have proudly served over 10,000 hotels and that number continues to grow. Here is what some of our customers had to say. 10,000+HOTELS & COUNTING

"Of all the challenges of opening a new hotel, light bulbs was proving to be a real challenge. However, that was prior to speaking with a lighting specialist at Bulbs.com. With my initial request he walked me through the process: confirming the correct bulb type; researching availability; and having the required bulbs shipped as quickly as possible. Additionally, he contacted me following up on orders, providing tracking information and knowledgeable advice on the bulbs that would meet the requirements for my hotel."

MattHotel Manager

"Bulbs.com rocks! Bulbs.com is my go-to place when I have any lighting questions. They not only know about all the latest new bulbs out there, but can also help with the lighting switch questions as well. Our rep is a pleasure to work with and understands the needs of our hotel wonderfully. I would highly recommend this company. Their delivery is also quick and the wonderful promotions they run often get us delivery for free! Thanks Bulbs.com for all your help!"

RosieHotel Manager

"Excellent customer services, reliable and knowledgeable. We work in a commercial setting managing hotel renovations, and lighting is a tricky subject. Our firm can completely rely on our assigned customer representative for guidance, advice and good pricing. Thank you for being so responsive, reliable, and helpful."

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