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Smart Lighting: What You Should Know

by Ethan Giles 22 August, 2017 04:01

Smart Lighting: What You Should Know

Everything in our lives is getting smarter. Our phones, cars, homes, TVs, and more have all been labeled as “smart” products, invariably making the products of old appear “dumb.” The lighting world is in its own Smart Lighting revolution, as many products are jumping into the new age.

Light bulbs are no longer just light bulbs. We associate light bulbs solely with giving off light, the same way that we used to associate phones with just making calls. But smart lights have a myriad of advantages for both home and business owners. Below is a glance at a few of the products that can improve the IQ of your lights.


All people deserve to feel safe in their home. Good security systems with high-functioning cameras were once only seen in movies and were too bulky and expensive to be normal household items, but modern technology has made this fantasy entirely feasible. Bulbs.com sells multiple Smart Security light systems with HD cameras built in. Once set up, people can check the cameras with an app and get notifications when the camera senses activity. Security lights with cameras are the best way to light the outside of your home while feeling protected inside of it.

Mobile Control

Another new step in modern technology is the ability to control lights remotely. Whereas people used to have to be in the room or at a switch to operate lights, they now can easily do this from their tablet, phone, computer, or more. Below is a breakdown of the three main technologies that people use to remotely control their lights.


People often don’t associate light bulbs with the Internet, but Wi-Fi enabled bulbs have many advantages. They can be connected through a high-bandwidth network at a greater range than with Bluetooth. They may require a bridge or hub, and are controllable from multiple devices on the same Wi-Fi network.


Bluetooth is by far the easiest mobile control system to set up. The set up does not require a bridge or hub, and one can connect devices directly through a low-bandwidth signal at a short range. These are controllable from multiple devices when within range.


ZigBee is the most advanced mobile control system, as it allows users to control their lights from anywhere. Setting up the ZigBee system is slightly more complex than the other two systems, and it requires a Wi-Fi network to function.

Changing Color

Previously customers would need to buy many light bulbs that rendered different colors to get a diversity of colored lights. Now, however, many light bulbs have the ability to render colors from across the color spectrum, and they can be controlled right from your smart phone or tablet. This can be useful for mood lighting, grow lights, business applications, and more.

All of the products listed above can be found here at Bulbs.com. Since its birth in August 1999, Bulbs.com has served nearly 200,000 commercial customers operating across 350,000 locations in hospitality, commercial real estate, retail, and more. For more information, visit Bulbs.com, or to speak with one of our lighting specialists, call 1-888-455-2800.


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