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Replacement Options
How you can replace your old incandescents.
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Incandescent Phase-out

Replacement Options

As many of you already know, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) will result in some incandescent bulbs no longer being manufactured. The end result of this Act is that many standard A-style incandescent bulbs will no longer be available in certain wattages. While some people may be stockpiling incandescent bulbs, know that there are several comparable options for your home or business.

When it’s time to replace your incandescent bulbs, you have a few different options:

  • Halogen Incandescents
  • Compact Fluorescents
  • LEDs

There are a number of different factors to take into consideration when choosing a replacement for your incandescents. Many of our customers are moving to compact fluorescent and LED bulbs, and there are a number of great reasons to do so. However, if you are more concerned with matching the look and feel of your incandescent bulbs, the halogen incandescent is another option that you might not be aware of.

Halogen incandescents, such as the Philips EcoVantage line, are designed to closely mimic the light quality and output of a traditional incandescent bulb while meeting the new efficiency standards put into place by EISA.

These bulbs are 28% more efficient than your traditional incandescents, come in a range of wattages, finishes and are fully dimmable.

Here’s a video we produced showing a brief overview of the Ecovantage products that shows a comparison with a traditional incandescent that you may find informative.

Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs have been around for many years, but if it has been a while since your last purchase, you may be pleasantly surprised with their quality. These bulbs use roughly ¼ as much energy as incandescent bulbs, resulting in huge cost savings for you. The table below outlined potential savings when replacing your incandescents with a comparable CFL.

Incandescent CFL Lumens Cost Savings ($0.10/kWh) Cost Savings ($0.20/kWh) Product Options
40W 9-12W > 490 $39-$44 $78-$88 Shop Now
60W 13-18W > 900 $62-$68 $124-$136 Shop Now
75W 19-22W >1,200 $76-$83 $152-$166 Shop Now
100W 23-26W >1,750 $107-$112 $214-$224 Shop Now

CFls have a number of benefits, but they are not for every application. It is important to make sure you are picking the right CFL for the right application. For more information on choosing the right CFL bulb, take a look at How to Pick a CFL in our Learning section.

LEDs are best known for their extremely long life and energy efficiency. LEDs don’t “burn out” like incandescent bulbs do. Instead, they get progressively dimmer over time. Its useful life is based on the number of operating hours until the LED is emitting 70% of its initial light output. This can be helpful in critical lighting areas. Keep in mind that quality LED products will last 10-15 years. They also tend to use less than one-sixth as much energy as their incandescent or halogen counterparts, and 2-3 times less than most CFLs.

Similar to CFLs, the LED lamp is hugely efficient, but is not right for every application. Usually, the main concern is the upfront cost of an LED. However, the prices are dropping often and LEDs are becoming a much more affordable option for both business and private residence. Other concerns include proper fit in your fixture, compatibility with dimmers, brightness and appearance. Also, it’s very important to use most LED bulbs in open, well-ventilated fixtures. The bulbs do not generate much heat, but if the electronic components inside of the bulb get too warm, it can cause early failure of the bulb.

For more information on choosing the right LED, take a look at LED: Is It Right For You? in our Learning section.

If you still have questions about our finding the right replacement for your incandescent bulbs, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our Bulbs.com Lighting Specialists by calling (888) 455-2800 or emailing customer service.