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Safety Coated
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Safety Coated

Safety Coated bulb Safety Coated bulb Safety Coated bulb

What are they?

Safety coated lamps are designed to prevent injury and contamination resulting from the glass fragments created by an accidental breakage. Safety coated lamps come in a variety of wattages, voltages, sizes, and base types.

How do they work?

Safety coated lamps function identically to their corresponding non-safety coated equivalents. The primary difference is that they are coated in a substance, usually Teflon, that is resistant to being punctured and designed to contain the glass fragments and other foreign objects resulting from a breakage.

Where are they used?

Safety coated lamps are ideal for any application where containment of a potential breakage is a primary concern. Most often, these lamps are used in areas where there is a high likelihood of a contact breakage, such as storage closets and gymnasiums, or in areas where food is stored or prepared.

Gym lighting

Many safety coated bulbs produce a trace amount of gas from the coating when burned, and this gas can be fatal to birds. This is of particular concern with safety coated heat lamps, which are often used near animals. Please heed all product warnings make sure your bulb is safe for usage around live birds and animals before using it in such applications.