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Bug Lights
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Bug Lights

Bug light bulb Bug light bulb Bug light bulb

What are they?

Yellow bug lamps use a filtered yellow glass to prevent insect attraction. These lamps come in a variety of wattages, voltages, and sizes. They are known for their effectiveness at not attracting insects as typical outdoor lamps do.

How do they work?

Insects and humans do not see light in the same way. Humans tend to see most effectively by way of light from the “longer” range of the light spectrum. However, insects react visually to the to the “shorter” end of the spectrum closest to ultraviolet light. By minimizing the short spectrum light output most appealing to insects, yellow bug lamps attract fewer insects than regular lamps.

Where are they used?

Yellow bug lamps are generally used outdoors, but they are ideal for use anywhere that minimizing the attraction of insects is a primary concern. It is important to note that yellow bug lamps do not repel or eliminate insects, they are merely less visually stimulating to them.

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