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Light Bulb Types: Speciality


Decorative light bulb Decorative light bulb Decorative light bulb

What are they?

Décor/nostalgia lamps are generally designed to replicate the look of antique lighting, or to otherwise be decoratively used. They are available in a variety of wattages, voltages, sizes, and base types. They are known for their aesthetic qualities.

How do they work?

Functionally, décor/nostalgia lamps function just like any other incandescent lamp. What sets them apart is their aesthetics. A major category of décor/nostalgia is the “thread spun” lamp. These lamps have a decorative thread, usually made of silicone, which has been spun around the glass enclosure. This serves to diffuse light, showcase the shape of the bulb, and to generally make the lamp more visually pleasing.

Another major category of décor/nostalgia lamps is the so-called “antique” lamp. These have been designed to replicate old lamps, and are generally recognizable by their smoky glass and ornate filaments.

Where are they used?

Décor/nostalgia lamps are not known for efficiency, length of rated life, or light quality, but they are ideal for use wherever the aesthetic qualities of the lamp itself are of primary importance. They are often used in chandeliers and sconces.

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