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Meat & Produce
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Meat & Produce

Food Service bulb Food Service bulb Food Service bulb

What are they?

Meat and produce lamps are designed to preserve the quality and enhance the appearance of meats and produce by reducing heat and UV emissions. They come in a variety of wattages, voltages, sizes, and base types. They are known for their ability to slow the decomposition and discoloration of meats and produce.

How do they work?

The heat and UV emissions from regular halogen and fluorescent lamps helps to contribute to the breakdown and decomposition of the product, affecting color, freshness, taste, and more. In addition, too much heat can foster the growth of dangerous bacteria. Meat and produce lamps help to reduce these issues by producing less energy as heat and filtering the ranges of UV light which are most harmful to meats and produce.

Where are they used?

Meat and produce bulbs can be used in any location where the preservation of meats and produce is a primary concern.

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