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Fluorescent Lamps

Recycling light bulbs is a bright idea. When you use the Bulbs.com Recycling Program, it's an easy one, too! Whether it's fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps or even ballasts, our prepaid return boxes help give you the greenlight on recycling. A recycling certficate for your bulbs or ballasts is even available upon request. Here's how it works:

Fluorescent Lamps

  • Order as many pre-paid return packages as you anticipate needing for your facility or project.
    • If you anticipate recycling more than 350 linear fluorescent lamps at one time please contact a Bulbs.com representative to discuss a bulk recycling alternative that will save additional time and money on your project.
  • Each prepaid return pack consists of a box, poly bag liner, FedEx Ground shipping label, and two warning/instruction labels that you will apply to the return carton.
  • Place the plastic liner into the box then peel and attach the orange warning label to the side of the box.
    • Be sure to write the Accumulation Start Date on this label.
  • Next, peel and attach the white Do Not Discard label to the box.
  • When the box is full of spent lamps, tape both ends of the box closed, fill out the FedEx Ground shipping label with your facility's name and address and attach this label to the box.
    • DO NOT alter label. FedEx will not accept any package with a label that has been altered or tampered in any way.
  • Give this box to your FedEx Ground driver during a routine delivery or call 1.888.777.6040 for a package return pick-up.