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HID Lamps

Recycling light bulbs is a bright idea. When you use the Bulbs.com Recycling Program, it's an easy one, too! Whether it's fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps or even ballasts, our prepaid return boxes help give you the greenlight on recycling. A recycling certficate for your bulbs or ballasts iseven available upon request. Here's how it works:

HID Lamps

  • We prefer to receive HID lamps intact.
  • All precautions should be taken to eliminate breakage of lamps. Extra charges may result from excessive breakage.
  • Please store lamps indoors and away from the elements.
    • Boxes must be protected from rain and moisture. Extra charges may result from the shipment of wet boxes.
  • Do not tape lamps together. This results in excess handling of lamps and additional charges.
  • If a box of lamps breaks, place the entire box in a plastic bag immediately.
  • DO NOT open the box. Close and seal the bag. Notify Bulbs.com of any broken lamps prior to shipment.