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Meet the Green Machine
The Lamp Recycling Process
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Recycling Center: Lamp Recycling Process

Meet the Green Machine

Meet the Green Machine

Photo courtesy AERC Recycling Solutions

This dry-processing system will crush and separate all geometric shapes of fluorescent lamps into glass, aluminum, and mercury containing phosphor powder components. The Model LSS1 provides flexible and low cost processing with capacities to over 3,000 lamps per hour.

The Model LSS1 is a low capital cost environmentally efficient solution to recycling mercury containing lamps.

  • Height: 11 feet 10 inches (3.6 meters)
  • Length: 30 feet (9.15 meters)
  • Width: 11 feet 6 inches (3.53 meters)
  • Capacity: 3,000 lamps per hour (presorted 4 foot lamps) Touch Screen PC Controls
  • Electronic Requirements: 100 Amps, Certification: UL Approved Electrical Controls

Additional features of the Model LSS1 include one-touch computer controls for easy operation. Using slight negative air pressure and built in HEPA and carbon filters assure that exhaust gases are free of mercury vapor during processing.