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LightFair 2017: The Future of Lighting on Display

by Ethan Giles 13 July, 2017 09:51

LightFair, the annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, enraptured the Pennsylvania Convention Center in the beautiful city of Philadelphia from May 9th through the 11th. The event featured two of Bulbs.com’s best-selling brands, Philips and MaxLite, who showcased some of their new products and innovative technology.

Keynote Speakers

Lightfair 2017 had three extremely bright keynote speakers: Theoretical physicist and best-selling author Dr. Michio Kaku, co-founder and executive creative director of Moment Factory Sakchin Bessette, and artist Janet Echelman. Dr. Kaku wowed the crowd with his lecture “The Next 20 Years: How Science Will Revolutionize Business, Medicine, Architecture, Lighting and Our Way of Life,” Bessette impressed with his lecture “Another Light,” and Echelman took the conference on a look through her work in “ART: Illuminating Cities.” All three speakers brought illuminating views on the lighting world and impressed all of the light experts in the audience.


Philips brought new, cutting edge technology to Lightfair. Their main focus was their innovations in LED bulbs and the way people can use LED. Among their showcased products was ExpertColor technology, which has a “customized spectrum, high CRI, and deep dimming feature.” Philips also highlighted the work they are doing with bridges and infrastructure. Bridges like the Tappan-Zee Bridge in New York are switching to Philips LED lights, which save thousands of dollars in energy. The new lights also increase the aesthetic appeal of the bridge, enticing tourists to come to the area and view the new infrastructure.

Lastly, Philips promoted their tunable white LEDs. These lights follow the daily light cycle of the sun, and give off optimal levels of light throughout the day. Furthermore, the lights allow the user to adjust them to suit their needs. Companies can make a board room an ideal brightness for a relaxed board meeting, and then increase the light for a more formal setting in order to focus. Schools can make sure children are always attentive by adjusting the light throughout the day.


MaxLite came to Philadelphia eager to show off a smorgasbord of their new products. Their attractions included Horticulture, Hazardous Location, MPulse, and Visual Comfort Technology.


MaxLite is currently testing LED and CMH horticulture fixtures specifically designed for Vertical Farming. Grow lights are becoming vital for some businesses, and MaxLite wants to help people grow the best plants.

Hazardous Location

MaxLite currently has three HazLoc products and plans to add two fixtures soon. The fixtures are Class 1, Division 2 certified, and some are even Marine Grade rated. These fixtures are specifically designed to not be impacted when working in dangerous locations. They are used for tasks ranging from cleaning vessels or fuel cells to paint booths.


MaxLite has a few new outdoor fixtures coming soon. The line will be a “full solution family” that has a beautiful, modern aesthetic. The first products will be in the Surface Mount and Area Lights categories. Flood Lights, Canopies, and Bollards will be joining shortly after.

Visual Comfort Technology

Visual Comfort Technology (VCT) is a brand new product line from MaxLite that removes the typical glare associated with LED fixtures. It is able to turn high wattage outdoor fixtures to appear like an indoor flat panel. VCT will be included in some MPulse fixtures as well as their current QuadroMax series.

All in all, LightFair was a rousing success, and everyone went home knowing a little more about the future of lighting and anticipating next year’s conference and trade show in Chicago. Most of these lighting innovations are going to be coming out soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. Contact a Lighting Specialist at Bulbs.com at 888.455.2800 for more details.


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