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Maximus Smart Security Light with 720p HD Camera, 3000K

SKU: SPL08-07A1W4-BKT-K1 | Ordering Code: SPL08-07A1W4-BKT-K1  | UPC: 840623102886

$187.99 per Fixture
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Product Highlights

  • Energy efficient replacement for a conventional 40 watt bulb
  • Estimated life of 18.3 years based on 3 hours use per day

Lighting Facts Per Bulb

Brightness 450 lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $0.72
Based on 3 hrs/day, 11¢/kWh
Cost depends on rates and use
Based on 3 hrs/day18.3 years
Light Appearance
3000 K
Energy Used6 watts

Do you want to protect your home with HD cameras and get alerts when someone arrives at your home wherever you are? This is the best product on the market providing multiple functions for all your needs. First of all, the fixture is high quality and come in 4 different styles to fit what you’re looking for.

Set up is easy, it’s as simple as installing the fixture and downloading the Kuna app. Once installed, the fixture will automatically connect to WiFi, from there, connect the fixture and the app to start streaming live video.

The Maximus fixture will start recording when it detects motion. It will then send an alert to the smart phone it is connected to. The user has the ability to open the app when alerted to either talk to the person at the door, sound an alarm, play a recorded message or just to view the footage live stream or the recording. Other features include light settings where the user can opt to have the fixture turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Just populate the address and the app will automatically perform light control based upon geographical location. Set up separate schedules for weekends and even add multiple users to the account who can do anything the owner can do.

Helpful tips:

  • A 14 day trial of the premium plan will automatically start when the first fixture is installed.
  • On the recordings tab on the app, swipe right to show the two options “person” or “not person”. These two commands will “train” your fixture over time to ignore things such as a flag waving or a bird flying by.
  • Need more light? Switch the bulb to any bulb with a Medium E26 base.
  • Essential Security (Ideal for smaller homes with a single entry point) - $4.99/Month
  • Peace of Mind (Perfect for single-family homes with multiple entry points) - $9.99/Month
  • Absolute Control (Ideal for a large home desiring maximum coverage) - $19.99/Month


Full Specs


Maximus Lighting

Energy Used

A rating, expressed in watts, to indicate the rate at which a lamp consumes energy. Also known as wattage value.
Energy Used
6 Watts

Incandescent/Halogen Equivalent

The wattage value of an incandescent or halogen lamp of similar brightness.
Incandescent/Halogen Equivalent
40 Watts

Line Voltage



The end (or ends) of the lamp that fits into the socket.


Color Rendering Index is an international system used to rate a lamp's ability to render object colors. The higher the CRI (based upon a 0-100 scale) the richer and more accurately colors generally appear. CRI differences among lamps are not usually visible to the eye unless the difference is more than 3-5 points.

Color Temperature (Kelvin)

An expression of the hue of the light emitted, measured in degrees Kelvin. Usually expressed by a four digit number followed by (k), such as 2700k. Higher temperatures indicate whiter, "cooler" colors, while lower temperatures indicate yellower, "warmer" colors. Some common Kelvin temperature benchmarks are 2700k (warm white), 3500k (neutral white), 4100k (cool white), 5000k (bright white), and 6500k (daylight).
Color Temperature (Kelvin)

Brightness (Lumens)

A rating of the initial light output of a bulb, rated after 100 hrs of operation. Lumens are a measure of how much light falls on one square foot of area, one foot away from the light source.
Brightness (Lumens)

Average Rated Life (hr)

A measurement of the average length of time, between first use and the point when 50% of the lamps tested have stopped functioning, , using an operating cycle of 3 hours on, 20 minutes off.
Average Rated Life (hr)

Bulb Type Supplied

Type of bulb supplied with the fixture
Bulb Type Supplied

Width (in)

For fixtures and ballasts, width is the measurement of the total horizontal distance from left to right of the product in inches.
Width (in)

Height (in)

For ballasts and fixtures, height is the measurement of total vertical distance from the top of the product to the bottom expressed in inches.
Height (in)

Depth (in)

For fixtures and ballasts, depth is the measurement of total distance from front to back of the product in inches.
Depth (in)


The decorative finish of the item.
Textured Black



Detection Range (ft)


Range of Motion (degrees)



3 year limited

Wireless Technology

The wireless protocol that a smart lighting item operates on.
Wireless Technology

Smart Use Profile

Smart lighting covers a range of applications. This provides a set of broad categories for distinguishing different applications.
Smart Use Profile

Wet Location

Suitable for exterior or interior location in which uncontrolled liquid may drip, splash or flow on or against electrical equipment.
Wet Location

Dusk to Dawn

Indicates that a lamp will self-activate when light levels dip below a certain level.
Dusk to Dawn
Customer Reviews

Best Security Light on the Market


I am truly impressed with the Maximus smart security light. I can admit this is one of my favorite products in the lighting market right now. I'm blown away by the ease, HD camera, recordings, alerts, speaker; this product has everything I was looking for before I even knew it. Setting up the fixture is a breeze, click the camera + icon in the top right of the main screen to tell your phone to look for a fixture to connect to. The app finds the camera immediately, you type in your WiFi password and the fixture is ready to use. Lastly, adjust the camera to point at the door, or desired location. The camera will automatically start recording and send an alert to your phone telling you which door someone is at (if you have multiple fixtures) when it detects motion. From there you can open the app and see live video of what is going on outside that door. You have the option to either sound an alert (a loud horn noise), play a recorded message, or talk in real time to the person outside the door and turn the light on and off. The recording from the detected motion is saved in "recordings" within the app and the user has the option to download any video to the camera roll on their phone. Inside the app you'll find "settings", as the owner, you can add multiple users who can see exactly what you as the owner can see, the added users will also receive alerts when someone approaches the door and have the ability to see live streamed video. Add address and time zone for accurate sunrise and sunset times. Within setting you'll be able to set your light settings. Set a schedule (turn on or off at dusk/dawn, or a specific chosen time), set motion sensing to desired sensitivity levels and timing such as always, never, or at night. There are additional light control available within the settings. All in all, I highly recommend this fixture if you're in the market for security lighting. It is less expensive and more convenient than traditional home security systems.




Maximus Smart Security Light with 720p HD Camera, 3000K

5.0 1


Q & A
Who is the monthly fee paid to and why?


Once you install the fixture you can download the Kuna App. They offer basic security for free. Kuna's monthly plans are completely optional. You can try out Kuna Premium for 14 days for free. Upgrade to Kuna Premium to keep the advanced features, otherwise you never have to pay a cent. Kuna Premium features include Kuna Artificial Intelligence, Person/Car Detection, Areas of Interest, up to 30-Day Look Back, Unlimited Video Downloads, and more.