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Lutron Vive PowPak 8-Amp 0-10V LED Dimming Relay Module

SKU: RMJS-8T-DV-B | Ordering Code: RMJS-8T-DV-B  | UPC: 784276159722

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Lutron Vive PowPak Relay Module is a radio frequency (RF) control for 0-10V dimmable LED products based on input from Lutron Pico remotes and/or Lutron Radio Powr Savr sensors. This relay uses Lutron Softswitch technology to automate On/Off and set light level using Pico wireless remotes and/or Powr Savr daylight sensors.  Ideal for use in small areas such as classrooms, conference rooms, and private offices.

  • Ideal for 0-10V dimming products. Example: LED fixtures with gray and purple low voltage lead wires.
  • Commonly used as a single control for a group of LED fixtures with daisy-chained low voltage wires.
  • Maximum wired (not dimming) load of 8 Amps (include safety factors) over 120-277V power lines (not dimming).
  • Controls up to 8A of load over 120-277V lines.
  • Receives wireless inputs from up to 21 Lutron devices:
    • Up to ten Pico remote controls and/or
    • Up to ten Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensors and/or
    • One Radio Powr Savr daylight sensor
  • Mounts to a US style J-Box via standard knockout.
  • Ambient Operating Temperature 32°F to 131°F.
  • For indoor use only.
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Lutron Electronics

Product Line


Model Number



A measure of "electrical pressure" between two points. The voltage specification of an incandescent lamp is the electrical "pressure" required to drive it at its designed point. The "voltage" of a ballast (e.g. 120 V) refers to the line voltage coming from the power source and is connected to the ballast.
Operating Temperature (°F)

Operating Temperature (°F)

The ambient temperature in which the product can safely operate.
32 to 104
Width (in)

Width (in)

For fixtures and ballasts, width is the measurement of the total horizontal distance from left to right of the product in inches.
Height (in)

Height (in)

For ballasts and fixtures, height is the measurement of total vertical distance from the top of the product to the bottom expressed in inches.
Depth (in)

Depth (in)

For fixtures and ballasts, depth is the measurement of total distance from front to back of the product in inches.


1 year limited
Maximum Current (Amps)

Maximum Current (Amps)

The maximum amount of Amps that a ballast can hold.


Also known as load type, the bulb technology that a control can work with, such as LED, Fluorescent, CFL, Incandescent.
Load Rating (Volts)

Load Rating (Volts)

The voltage range that a control can handle.


Dimming ballasts provide dimming capability when used with an appropriate controller and lamp.