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Robertson Electronic Start for 1 or 2 Lamp 10-36W 120-277v (Pack of 10)


$329.90($32.99 per Ballast)
Pack of 10
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Robertson Electronic Start for 1 or 2 Lamp 10-36W 120-277v

  • 425mA nominal lamp current
  • Arc voltage between 24-96v
  • GBX36/UVC/2G11, GCL36T5L/Cell, GCL36T5VH/Cell, GCL436T5L/Cell, GCL436T5VH/Cell, GCL793T5L/Cell, GCL793T5VH/Cell, GFT18DL/2G11/SE/OF, GPH212T5L, GPH212T5VH, GPH229T5, GPH262T5, GPH287T5, GPH305T5, GPH330T5L/4, GPH330T5VH/4, GPH357T5L, GPH357T5VH, GPH383T5, GPH406T5L/4, GPH436T5L, GPH436T5L/4, GPH436T5VH, GPH450T5L/4, GPH450T5VH/4, GPH463T5L, GPH463T5VH/4, GPH508T5L/4P, GPH620T5L/4, GPH620T5VH/4, GPH711T5L/4P, GPH793T5L, GPH793T5VH, GPH810T5L/4, GPH810T5VH/4, GPH843T5L, GPH843T5VH, GPL18K, GPL36K, HNS 20W 4P SE, 210641 (TUV PL-L 18W/4P), 21054 (GFT18DL/2G11/SE/OF), 265850 (TUV PL-L 36W/4P), 23392 (GFT36DL/2G11/SE/OF), 385419 (TUV16T5/4P/SE), SYL55030 (G16T5L/4P/SE), 230615 (TUV 20W 4P-SE), 55031 (G20T5L/4P/SE), 360164 (TUV30T8) (G30T8), 21080 (G30T8/OF), 55032 (G36T5L/4P/SE), 112508 (TUV16T5) (G16T5), 385419 (TUV16T5/4P/SE), SYL55030 (G16T5L/4P/SE), 55031 (G20T5L/4P/SE), 360164 (TUV30T8) (G30T8), 21080 (G30T8/OF), 262691 (TUV36T8/LL) (G36T8), 59985 (G36T8/OF), 262691 (TUV36T8/LL) (G36T8) and 59985 (G36T8/OF)

 THis ballast is designed to operate a wide range of lamps. Please review the spec sheet below for compatibility.

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