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Philips 10 Watt, 120 Volt Dimmable LED L-Prize Winner A-Style Lamp - Limited Inventory Available

SKU: 420224 | Ordering Code: 10A19/LPRIZE-PRO/2700 DIM

Sorry, this product is not available to purchase.

Product Highlights

  • Estimated life of 27.4 years based on 3 hours use per day
  • No lead or mercury means easy and environmentally safe disposal

Lighting Facts Per Bulb

Brightness 940 lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $1.2
Based on 3 hrs/day, 11¢/kWh
Cost depends on rates and use
Based on 3 hrs/day27.4 years
Light Appearance
2700 K
Energy Used10 watts
  • Clearance

Philips Brand L Prize Winner DIMMABLE 10 Watt lamp generates as much or more light than most 60 Watt traditional incandescent lamps. This lamp can smoothly dim down to 10% power.

  • Perfect to use anywhere you are using a 60 Watt Incandescent lamp

  • No lead or mercury means easy and environmentally-safe disposal

  • 940 Lumens initial light output saves 50 watts of electricity  compared to a 60 Watt Incandescent lamp

  • VERY long life - rated to continue to put out 70% light after 30,000 hours of operation as it does when brand new

  • Energy Star qualified

  • Assembled in the USA

CHECK PRODUCT FIT BEFORE INVESTING IN MANY-Product May Not Fit in Your Fixture.  Also, NOT RECOMMENDED for use in enclosed fixtures because heat buildup can shorten life.

Full Specs


Philips Lighting

Energy Used

A rating, expressed in watts, to indicate the rate at which a lamp consumes energy. Also known as wattage value.
Energy Used
10 Watts


A measure of "electrical pressure" between two points. The voltage specification of an incandescent lamp is the electrical "pressure" required to drive it at its designed point. The "voltage" of a ballast (e.g. 120 V) refers to the line voltage coming from the power source and is connected to the ballast.


The end (or ends) of the lamp that fits into the socket.
Medium (E26)

Bulb Shape

The description of the general appearance of a lamp/bulb consists of a letter(s) followed by a number. The letter indicates the shape of the bulb and the number relates to the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch. For example, a common household bulb is the A-19. The bulb is "A" shape and the diameter would be nineteen 8ths of an inch, or 2 3/8".
Bulb Shape


Color Rendering Index is an international system used to rate a lamp's ability to render object colors. The higher the CRI (based upon a 0-100 scale) the richer and more accurately colors generally appear. CRI differences among lamps are not usually visible to the eye unless the difference is more than 3-5 points.

Color Temperature (Kelvin)

An expression of the hue of the light emitted, measured in degrees Kelvin. Usually expressed by a four digit number followed by (k), such as 2700k. Higher temperatures indicate whiter, "cooler" colors, while lower temperatures indicate yellower, "warmer" colors. Some common Kelvin temperature benchmarks are 2700k (warm white), 3500k (neutral white), 4100k (cool white), 5000k (bright white), and 6500k (daylight).
Color Temperature (Kelvin)

Brightness (Lumens)

A rating of the initial light output of a bulb, rated after 100 hrs of operation. Lumens are a measure of how much light falls on one square foot of area, one foot away from the light source.
Brightness (Lumens)

Bulb Finish

The surface finish of a bulb, which may affect the quality of the light emitted.
Bulb Finish

Bulb Technology

The technology implemented by the bulb, e.g. incandescent, halogen, LED
Bulb Technology

Average Rated Life (hr)

A measurement of the average length of time, between first use and the point when 50% of the lamps tested have stopped functioning, , using an operating cycle of 3 hours on, 20 minutes off.
Average Rated Life (hr)

Length (in)

Also referred to as "Maximum Overall Length" (MOL). For light bulbs, it measures the length of a light bulb, from the top of the bulb to the bottom of the base or pins and is typically expressed in inches. For light fixtures and ballasts, it applies to the total horizontal length of the item.
Length (in)

Diameter (in)

Light bulbs: a measurement of a bulb's width taken at the widest point of the bulb. Fixtures: the measurement across the widest point of a circular fixture.
Diameter (in)


3 years limited


ENERGY STAR is a program created jointly by the U.S, Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to help people save money and protect the environment by using energy-efficient electronics and appliances. ENERGY STAR-certified devices use less energy without compromising functionality.


Indicates whether a bulb can be dimmed in conjunction with a suitable dimmer control.

Product Notes: Do Not Use In Enclosed Fixtures, Do Not Expose to Weather. Lamp is white when illuminated.

Customer Reviews

Very natural quality of light


This bulb is the answer to a dream I have had for a decade or more. CFLs are energy efficient, and they can be made to mimic bright daylight (to be technical: white, 5,500 degree light, with a CRI in the mid 90s). But that light is garish, and not warm and cozy. CFLs meant to mimic traditional incandescent lamps do not reproduce color well. They give people a sickly yellow or greenish color, and have CRIs (color rendering indices) in the mid-to-low 80s at best. This bulb has a warm light (temperature of less than 3000 degrees), and a CRI of 92. This is the light we know and love in our living rooms in teh evening, the kind you might see in a Normal Rockwell or Thomas Kinkaid painting. People look healthy. Objects have the right colors, and pictures look great. Artists and photograhpers will love this builb. The energy use beats every other bulb I have ever owned. A 60-watt equivalent uses only 10 watts. And it will last forever and a day. The certification tests indicate that it will still be 90% as bright as now after 25,000 hours. Old fashioned bulbs last about 1,000 to 1,500 hours, and even the best CFLs only last about 8,000. If you use this bulb for 3 hours every day, that's about 1,000 hours per year. You'll be saving energy with this bulb for the next 25 years or more! From this day forward, this is the only 60-watt equivalent bulb I will ever buy.


Ventura, CA


These bulbs are AWESOME! LOVE THEM!


You can replace any bulb with these and once turned on you cannot tell the difference. The light feels just like an incandescant bulb without the heat, but the glow is the same. Really well made, I would definitely buy again!

Susan Marketing

Cincinnati OHIO


Great (but pricey)


Very similar light quality to an incandescent, but less wattage than a CFL, so a big win overall. Also, do not contain mercury etc. like CFL's. But: heavy, expensive, and cannot be used in enclosed fixtures. Some smaller desk lamps may tip over since the bulbs are so much heavier than an incandescent (and significantly heavier than a CFL, too). Takes a split second to turn on -- noticeably slower than an incandescent but far faster than a CFL. It's not enough to worry about. I plan to use these wherever applicable since the energy savings will pay for them over time. But they are no good in enclosed fixtures or lamps that will tip over with a heavy bulb.


Princeton NJ


Better living through science!


I just installed a test pair to replace the vanity lights in my theater dressing room. I can't tell the difference. Neither can one of my performers. They use 1/6 the power, are cool enough to touch even after five minutes of full-power, put almost exactly the same light. Dimming is smooth and works great. There is a very, very slight buzz from dimmed lamp but I had to practically have my ear up to it to hear it. Totally worth it!

Bob G, Arts non-profit Tech Associate

Washington, DC


Amazing and exciting new product!


It takes a lot to impress me. I had previously purchased and have used the Phillips Ambient LED with the yellow-orange plastic filters and my complaints about them were minimal, however my concern was that the light from them was a bit pinkish. This is not the case with the new L Prize bulb. The white balance and color tone are very accurate in comparison to traditional incandescent. It is nearly impossible to tell the difference beteen the L Prize and a white coated 60 watt incandescent bulb. The light from these bulbs is the most pleasing light I have observed coming from an LED bulb, to date. Another strength of the bulb is its brightness, which is outstanding, and makes this is a great bulb for reading. Color rendering is excellent. I can not comment on the dimming quality since my fixtures do not dim. I hope Phillips comes out with this same technology in an infoor flood and spotlight.


Washington, DC


These bulbs are even nicer than the ones


I purchased 3 of these bulbs and found they performed even better than I espected. I measured 1089 lumens after 26 minutes. This bulb has much higher color rendering than most LED A19 bulbs. I also measured just over 92 CRI, and the reds are much improved over the older bulb. This one has Red LEDs inside, like the CREE True-White, but also uses blue LEDs with the yellow remote phosphor. A tear-down reveals a high quality electrical design inside, including a long-life rated 130 degree Celcius capacitor.


Molalla, OR


10 Watt, 120 Volt Dimmable LED L-Prize Winner A-Style Lamp - Limited Inventory Available

4.7 6


Q & A
Does this bulb have a noticeable buzz when dimmed? I'm using another LED product (Sylvania) which has a rather noticeable buzz when dimmed but I've read that the Philips L-Prize does not (or at least it's very minimal.)


No, there is not a noticeable buzz when dimmed.

I have large, clear glass, bowl-shaped ceiling fixtures in nearly all the rooms of my house, and I'm currently using three standard 60-watt bulbs in each fixture (180 watts per fixture). I've never had any apparent problems with heat buildup or shortened bulb life. However, as you can imagine, 180 watts per fixture is costing me a lot of money on my monthly electric bills. I'd like to replace all of these bulbs with 10-watt Phillips LED L-Prize bulbs, so that I'm only using 30 watts per fixture, but I don't understand why these LED bulbs aren't recommended for enclosed fixtures, because a similar warning doesn't exist for standard bulbs. I thought that low-wattage LED bulbs put off much less heat than standard bulbs?


If you are using incandescent bulbs, they would not be affected by heat build up and therefore you would not experience shortened life. This rule applies to CFL and LED bulbs. It is not recommended to use CFLs or LEDs in fully enclosed fixtures. If there is some ventilation, then you should fine to use them. Yes, they do put off far less heat than an incandescent, but heat is still produced and needs to be released. Please contact Customer Service at 888-455-2800 if you have further questions.


Can this be used in outside fixtures?

This product can be used outdoors but should not be used in areas directly exposed to moisture or the elements.

Product Support

Will there be a "flood light" variant of this bulb so that it can be used in "cans" in overhead lighting applications (such as in my family room)?


There are LED reflectors available for recessed fixtures. Products that have dimming capabilities will have the word "dimmable" in the description. These products can be found using the following link.

Product Support

Why can't this bulb be used in enclosed fixtures? How much of an opening does it need to work?

The bulb needs to be used in a fixture with proper ventilation. If no ventilation, the heat is allowed to build up and can affect the performance and life of the bulb.

Product Support

How much does this bulb weigh? The older 12W Philips LED is fairly heavy, making unsuitable for several fixtures in my house. I'm wondering if this new bulb is lighter.

This item weighs approximately 1/2 lb.

Product Support

should not be used in an enclosed fizture....not sure how heavy it is compared to a 12W Philips LED.


Does this bulb work on a dimmer switch?

Of course, it's east, just change a special driver.

This product is dimmable. We do recommend checking with the manufacturer of the dimming switch to make sure it's compatible with LED's.

Product Support

It works with most dimmers,