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LEVEL 3 (DCFC) Electric Vehicle
Charging Stations

There are several Level 3 electric vehicle charger options available for purchase at Bulbs.com.

Working with one of our experts, we can guide you to the correct DC fast charger for your business.

Level 3 charging stations are the fastest EV chargers that are available on the market today and can recharge an EV at a rate of 3 to 20 miles of range per minute. Unlike Level 1 and Level 2 charging that uses alternating current (AC), Level 3 charging uses direct current (DC). The voltage required is also much higher than Level 1 & 2 charging, which is why you don’t see level 3 chargers installed at residential homes. Very few residential locations have the high-voltage supply that is required for level 3 charging. They typically run between 480 volts and 1,000 volts and aren’t typically found at home. They are better suited to commercial applications in high-traffic areas such as highway rest stops, fueling stations, and entertainment districts, where the vehicle can be recharged in less than an hour.

EV Charging Speeds

Power Delivery (kW)

L1 1-4 

L2 4-7 

L3 50-350 

Range Added per Hour (Miles)

L1 4-10 

L2 20-50 

L3 100-1200 

Time to Charge 60 kWh EV*

L1 24-40 hrs 

L2 3-8 hrs 

L3 8-90 mins 

*Time to charge EV with a 60-kWh battery is the time to raise the battery's charge level from 10% to 80%.

How do Level 3 charging stations work?

To understand how level three charging works, it’s important to understand two fundamentals of EV charging first. The power from the grid is always alternating current (AC) – EV batteries only accept direct current (DC) These two factors mean that at some stage, the current must be converted from AC to DC.

With level 1 and level 2 charging, the conversion (from AC to DC) happens on board the vehicle itself via an onboard charger. With Level 3 charging, the conversion happens before the power reaches the vehicle, bypassing the slower onboard charger and instead charges a vehicle’s battery directly. As a result of the current already being converted by the time it reaches the vehicle, Level 3 charging stations can deliver power at higher speeds and are significantly faster than either Level 1 or Level 2 charging.

What is the best application for Level 3 charging stations?

Level 3 DC fast chargers are ideal for businesses near interstates and major roadways to provide EV drivers with quick-turnaround charging. Fast chargers are typically an ideal fit for fueling stations and convenient stores due to their quick-stop nature and high traffic locations.

Level 3 chargers are also a good option for a company with a fleet of electric vehicles. Not only can DC fast chargers quickly charge the fleet vehicles, but often the software used can also maximize savings with real-time control over vehicle readiness and efficiency monitoring. Companies can optimize charging based on schedules, route requirements and more.

Rebates & Incentives
Although Level 3 (DCFC) electric vehicle chargers are considerably more expensive than Level 2 chargers, they also have significantly higher incentives and rebates available in most parts of the United States. Our experts will be able to inform you of the incentives that are available in your area.

For most property owners, the best bet is to install a level 2 charger. It can be more profitable to add features to your place of business that make it a good place to wait for the car to charge, than to install a level 3 station and the requisite electrical infrastructure. However, if you already have the 400 - 1,000 volt direct-current infrastructure that level 3 stations require and/or you own a business along an interstate, the return on investment may be well worth it.

Please complete this short form and one of our experts will reach out to discuss your commercial EV charging station project. They can provide more information about Level 3 charging stations, and assist in determining if it is right for your business. Also, if it is ultimately decided that Level 2 chargers are better suited for your application they can still provide assistance with the entire scope of that project.

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    JuicePump 150kW DC Fast Charge Dual Port CHadeMO and CCS-1 with 4G Cellular

    SKU: JuicePump 150kW DCFC | Ordering Code: JuicePump 150kW DCFC

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    JuicePump 200kW DC Fast Charge Dual Port CHadeMO and CCS-1 with 4G Cellular

    SKU: JuicePump 200kW DCFC | Ordering Code: JuicePump 200kW DCFC

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    JuicePump 175kW DC Fast Charge Dual Port CHadeMO and CCS-1 with 4G Cellular

    SKU: JuicePump 175kW DCFC | Ordering Code: JuicePump 175kW DCFC

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    JuicePump 50kW DC Fast Charge Dual Port CHadeMO and CCS-1 with 4G Cellular

    SKU: JuicePump 50kW DCFC | Ordering Code: JuicePump 50kW DCFC

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    JuicePump 100kW DC Fast Charge Dual Port CHadeMO and CCS-1 with 4G Cellular

    SKU: JuicePump 100kW DCFC | Ordering Code: JuicePump 100kW DCFC

    Call for pricing and installation details.