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Electric Vehicle Charging Accessories

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Enel X JuiceBox RFID Card (Pack of 10)

SKU: JuiceBox RFID Card 10ct | Ordering Code: JuiceBox RFID Card 10ct

Per Pack $39.00($3.90 per Card)
5 + Packs $37.50($3.75 per Card)
10 + Packs $35.00($3.50 per Card)
Pack of 10

EV Charger Nozzle Holster for a J1772 Plug

SKU: Nozzle Holster J1772 | Ordering Code: Nozzle Holster J1772


EV Charger J1772 Nozzle Holster and Cable Management Hook Combination

SKU: Nozzle Holster and Hook | Ordering Code: Nozzle Holster and Hook


Reserved Parking: Electric Vehicles Parking Only 12x18 Inch Green Reflective Aluminum

SKU: K-7803-EG-12x18 | Ordering Code: K-7803-EG-12x18


Electric Vehicle Charging Station Sign 12x12 Blue Reflective Aluminum

SKU: K2-5366-12x12 | Ordering Code: K2-5366-12x12


No Parking: Except Electric Vehicles 12x18 Inch Red Reflective Aluminum

SKU: K2-0373-12x18 | Ordering Code: K2-0373-12x18


Reserved Parking: Electric Vehicles Only 12x18 Inch Green Reflective Aluminum

SKU: K-5507-12x18 | Ordering Code: K-5507-12x18


J1772 to Tesla Adapter Max 60amp Black 240V

SKU: J1772 to Tesla | Ordering Code: J1772 to Tesla


FLO CoRe+ 1-Year Extended Warranty

SKU: COWA002001 | Ordering Code: COWA002001


Enel X JuiceBox Cellular Data Plan 1 Year Service Plan Per Charger

SKU: JuiceBox Cellular Data Plan | Ordering Code: JuiceBox Cellular Data Plan


Enel X JuiceNet Enterprise 1 Year Network Service Plan Per Charger

SKU: JuiceNet Enterprise | Ordering Code: JuiceNet Enterprise


Vehicle to Load Adapter Bidirectional AC Outlet (Please Confirm Vehicle Compatibility)

SKU: Vehicle to Load Adapter | Ordering Code: Vehicle to Load Adapter


Tesla to J1772 Adapter Max 48amp Black 240V

SKU: Tesla to J1772 Black | Ordering Code: Tesla to J1772 Black


Tesla to J1772 Adapter Max 48amp White 240V

SKU: Tesla to J1772 White | Ordering Code: Tesla to J1772 White


FLO CoRe+ 1-Year Network Subscription for Global Management Services

SKU: SPG2002001-FL | Ordering Code: SPG2002001-FL


Enel X JuiceStand Residential Holds 1 JuiceBox Unit

SKU: JuiceStand Residential | Ordering Code: JuiceStand Residential


Wallbox Power Meter for Energy Management Solutions

SKU: Wallbox Power Meter | Ordering Code: Wallbox Power Meter


EVSE Cable Retractor Wall or Ceiling Mount

SKU: EVSE Cable Retractor | Ordering Code: EVSE Cable Retractor

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