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Keystone SmartCurrent Programmable LED Driver
SmartCurrent Programmable LED Drivers

Keystone’s programmable SmartCurrent LED Drivers feature linear and compact form factors with multiple wattage options. SmartCurrent features a dim-to-off mode, enabling dimming to 1%, for precise tuning of output current. The SmartCurrent line from Keystone are the fastest, easiest-to-program LED drivers on the market.

Program the SmartCurrent LED Drivers in the field with a mobile app or PC.

Lighting ballasts and LED drivers are essential power supply components for operating specific types of lights and fixtures. While they share some similarities in function, they are designed for fundamentally different lighting technologies.

Lighting ballasts are used with traditional fluorescent and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. They regulate the electrical current to the lamp, ensuring it starts and operates correctly. Ballasts also provide the appropriate voltage for the lamp to ignite and maintain its arc. Additionally, some ballasts can regulate dimming for the light fixture.

LED drivers, on the other hand, are specifically designed for LED lighting. LEDs, unlike fluorescent or HID lamps, are semiconductor devices that require a direct current (DC) power source. LED drivers convert the alternating current (AC) line voltage from the wall outlet, or power source, into a regulated DC voltage suitable for the LED fixture. Similar to ballasts, LED drivers can also incorporate dimming functionality.

If you are replacing a fluorescent or HID lamp fixture, you'll likely need a compatible ballast. However, if you're installing a new LED fixture, it will already have an integrated LED driver. LED drivers are generally more efficient than ballasts, and LED lighting offers significant energy savings over traditional lighting technologies.

Replacing a faulty LED driver can be a much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option compared to replacing an entire LED fixture. LED drivers are often the first component to fail within an LED fixture, while the LED panels themselves have a much longer lifespan. By replacing just the driver, you avoid discarding a perfectly functional LED panel and reduce electronic waste. Replacing a driver is often a simpler process than replacing the entire fixture, especially for recessed lights or those requiring complex wiring configurations. A successful driver replacement requires matching the new driver's output voltage and current to the original one to ensure proper operation and lifespan of the LED panel, that’s why Bulbs.com carries programmable drivers that can be easily programmed in the field using a smartphone or laptop.

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