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Bulbs.com announces record breaking sales.

Online sales of light bulbs, ballasts and fixtures expected to accelerate.

Worcester, MA. January 6, 2012 - Bulbs.com, one of the nation’s largest Philips Lighting distributors and one of Internet Retailers Top 500, announces today record sales and earnings for 2011.

“We’ve had an incredible year and are very optimistic entering 2012!” says Bulbs.com CEO Mike Connors. “There are many reasons for our impressive growth, but most of the success can be attributed to our strategy of keeping the focus on our customers’ website experience. Using website analytics and Foresee customer satisfaction data, we have made dozens of changes to our site design and marketing programs that increased our site traffic, conversion rate and dramatically raised both our repeat B2B and B2C business”, says Connors. “Our free shipping offer, recent LED product additions, video and redesigned product detail pages are giving our customers exactly what they asked for – a simple shopping experience and the best products at the right price.”

Several developments in the lighting category are causing consumers and business alike to seek out more information about light bulbs – and they’re coming to Bulbs.com for the information and products they need. First, the incandescent “phase-out” that was signed into law as part of the 2007 Energy and Information Security Act went into effect on January 1, 2012 and is motivating many consumers to stock up on their supply of incandescent bulbs or look for a comparable replacement. Additionally, LED technology is evolving and prices are coming down causing shoppers to consider this as a viable option for their home or business.

“Our employees have also contributed enormously to our success.” says VP of Operations, Wendy Rose. “Not only do we work with the best partners on the web, we have a smart, entrepreneurial group of professionals here in central Massachusetts. By hiring and retaining the best talent in the region, we can offer great benefits, keep the ideas flowing and hold turnover rates to a minimum.” says Rose. “It’s likely that our team will grow by as much as 10% during 2012.”

“2011/2012 is all about growth and continued customer focus,” says Connors. “We have made the investments in technology and marketing to create a solid foundation from which to grow - allowing us to leverage the creativity and determination of our team and accelerate our growth! We have some exciting initiatives in store for 2012 that will keep us growing and position us well for the future.”

About Bulbs.com

Bulbs.com, headquartered in Worcester, Mass., is a leading online incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting supplier. Established in August 1999, Bulbs.com provides over 3,500 lighting products from Philips, Sylvania and GE to a growing list of nearly 100,000 commercial customers operating 300,000 locations in the hospitality, retail, property-management, healthcare, manufacturing and municipal sectors. For more information, visit www.bulbs.com.