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SpaceWise Technology

DuaLED Dimmable LED Recessed Troffer with SpaceWise Technology

Saving Energy Wirelessly

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SpaceWise Technology

Out-of-the-Box Solution

  • Replace your fixture, ballast, dimmer and bulbs with one pre-packaged energy-saving product
  • The standalone system does not require a network, computer or light meter for setup
  • Easy for an electrician to install—no wiring between fixtures
  • Once installed, the lighting system will auto-calibrate
  • Easy for users to program and adjust the lighting system for their space
  • Control fixtures in groups or independently with the Philips remote control

Up to 75% Energy Savings

  • Combined system savings from LED wattage reduction and controls
  • Embedded sensors pre-programmed for Daylight and Occupancy sensing enables even more energy savings
  • Custom fine tuning can be done using a TV-style remote—without losing the savings of the pre-programmed features
  • Set top-level brightness limits to avoid energy waste in environments with multiple users
  • Preset mode available for high traffic areas that have irregular occupancy—lights will brighten only when stable presence is detected, and can have a faster time-out after vacancy

Save Even More With Rebates

Utility rebates save up to $130* on each DuaLed fixture with SpaceWise. Additionally, our Energy Services team is available to guide you through the process.
It's easy to go green AND save green.

*Available utility rebates vary by geographical location.

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