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MaxLite 40 Watt Incandescent Equivalent, 7.5 Watt, 120 Volt, NON-DIMMABLE, LED A-19 Lamp

SKU: M71153 | Ordering Code: SKB7.5LED27

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Product Highlights

  • Estimated life of 36.5 years based on 3 hours use per day
  • No lead or mercury means easy and environmentally safe disposal

Lighting Facts Per Bulb

Brightness 450 lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $0.9
Based on 3 hrs/day, 11¢/kWh
Cost depends on rates and use
Based on 3 hrs/day36.5 years
Light Appearance
2700 K
Energy Used7.5 watts

MaxLite Brand NON-DIMMABLE 7.5 Watt lamp generates as much light as most 40 watt traditional incandescent lamps. 

  • Perfect to use anywhere you are using 40 watt incandescent lamp

  • No lead or mercury means easy and environmentally safe disposal

  • 450 Lumens initial light output is comparable to most 40 Watt incandescent lamps, while saving 32.5 Watts in electricity

  • VERY long life - rated to still put out 50% as much light after 40,000 hours of operation as it does when brand new

DO NOT "hot swap" this lamp.  Turn off fixture before replacing existing bulb.


Full Specs



Energy Used

A rating, expressed in watts, to indicate the rate at which a lamp consumes energy. Also known as wattage value.
Energy Used
7.5 Watts


A measure of "electrical pressure" between two points. The voltage specification of an incandescent lamp is the electrical "pressure" required to drive it at its designed point. The "voltage" of a ballast (e.g. 120 V) refers to the line voltage coming from the power source and is connected to the ballast.


The end (or ends) of the lamp that fits into the socket.
Medium (E26)

Bulb Shape

The description of the general appearance of a lamp/bulb consists of a letter(s) followed by a number. The letter indicates the shape of the bulb and the number relates to the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch. For example, a common household bulb is the A-19. The bulb is "A" shape and the diameter would be nineteen 8ths of an inch, or 2 3/8".
Bulb Shape

Bulb Color

The color of the light produced by a bulb
Bulb Color
Warm White


Color Rendering Index is an international system used to rate a lamp's ability to render object colors. The higher the CRI (based upon a 0-100 scale) the richer and more accurately colors generally appear. CRI differences among lamps are not usually visible to the eye unless the difference is more than 3-5 points.

Color Temperature (Kelvin)

An expression of the hue of the light emitted, measured in degrees Kelvin. Usually expressed by a four digit number followed by (k), such as 2700k. Higher temperatures indicate whiter, "cooler" colors, while lower temperatures indicate yellower, "warmer" colors. Some common Kelvin temperature benchmarks are 2700k (warm white), 3500k (neutral white), 4100k (cool white), 5000k (bright white), and 6500k (daylight).
Color Temperature (Kelvin)

Brightness (Lumens)

A rating of the initial light output of a bulb, rated after 100 hrs of operation. Lumens are a measure of how much light falls on one square foot of area, one foot away from the light source.
Brightness (Lumens)

Bulb Finish

The surface finish of a bulb, which may affect the quality of the light emitted.
Bulb Finish

Bulb Technology

The technology implemented by the bulb, e.g. incandescent, halogen, LED
Bulb Technology

Average Rated Life (hr)

A measurement of the average length of time, between first use and the point when 50% of the lamps tested have stopped functioning, , using an operating cycle of 3 hours on, 20 minutes off.
Average Rated Life (hr)

Length (in)

Also referred to as "Maximum Overall Length" (MOL). For light bulbs, it measures the length of a light bulb, from the top of the bulb to the bottom of the base or pins and is typically expressed in inches. For light fixtures and ballasts, it applies to the total horizontal length of the item.
Length (in)

Diameter (in)

Light bulbs: a measurement of a bulb's width taken at the widest point of the bulb. Fixtures: the measurement across the widest point of a circular fixture.
Diameter (in)


5 year limited
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Customer Reviews

Exceeded expectations.


See "Pros".

I don't see any reason to provide this.

Not relevant to review.


Great Price and Solid Performance


The light from this LED from Maxlite is remarkably similar to a 40 watt frosted incandescent both in color temperature and brightness. It's rated as a warm white 2700K and appears to very similar if not exactly the same as its standard incandescent cousin. Brightness (lumen output) also appears to be on par with incandescent bulbs. For anyone using a lampshade fitted for a standard A-style (regular) bulb, you'll be pleased to know that these LEDs have a very similar diameter and overall length and will work with virtually any lampshade intended for an A-style. Here comes the best part – these LEDs are rated for 40,000 hours – you'd replace 30-40 standard incandescents over the life of this product AND since the LED uses only 7.5 watts, it's consuming about 20% of the electricity of its incandescent equivalent. The only criticisms are that this version isn't dimmable and can't be used in an enclosed fixture. There is also a fraction of a second delay between the time the switch is turned on and the time the bulb actually lights. Given the low price of ([$]) this LED is among the first to be both affordable and live up to the promise of the new technology – highly recommended!


Worcester, MA


Maxlite A-style LED


The Maxlite 7.5 watt A-style LED performed very well when tested at our facility. At 480 lumens, it produced the same amount of light as most 40 watt incandescent bulbs. In fact, when placed side-by-side, the Maxlite LED puts off slightly more visible light. We would recommend this LED as a perfect replacement for your 40 watt incandescent bulbs. And with a 40,000 hour life, if you are using it a few hours a day, this bulb is capable of lasting up to 37 years!

Marketing Maven

Worcester, MA


40 Watt Incandescent Equivalent, 7.5 Watt, 120 Volt, NON-DIMMABLE, LED A-19 Lamp

4.7 3


Q & A
Hi. Is this a UL listed product? Thanks,


Yes, this is a UL listed LED lamp.

warranty years?


This product has a 5 year warranty.

Am I correct to assume, then, that this bulb can not be used in a range hood, due to the heat??


You are correct. In addition to the placement within a fully enclosed fixture, the range hood is not a location for an LED.

The literature says that it should not be used in an enclosed fixture. It certainly cannot be a "heat" issue. The enclosure is rated for 60 W incandescents.

It is a heat issue. When heat is allowed to build up in the fixture it affects the life and performance of the LED bulb.

Product Support