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120 to 277V Red LED Exit Sign with Emergency Lights, Remote Head Capable

SKU: SK6600272 | Ordering Code: SCLI2RW-REM  | UPC: 027029938749

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Simkar Brand Combination LED Exit Sign with ADJUSTABLE Incandescent Emergency Head Lights and Battery Backup. One or Two Faces, Red Lettering, White Housing, 6 Volt Battery, for use with either 120 or 277 line voltage. 25 year life on the LED strip. Remote capable for operation of up to two additional lighting heads.

  • Heads provide 360° of light coverage
  • Snap fit directional arrows
  •  Side, top, or back mounting position
  • Maintenance free rechargeable battery
  • Push to Test switch
Full Specs



Model Number


Line Voltage

Ballast Type

Ballast Type

Magnetic ballasts are a legacy technology and use inductance to transform the line voltage to the voltage required to "fire" or excite the gasses in a lamp. Electronic ballasts use a variety of starting methods, and are more efficient than magnetic ballasts in converting input power to the proper lamp power and operate fluorescent lamps at higher frequencies, resulting in an overall lamp-ballast system – increasing efficacy 15% to 20% over a magnetic equivalent.


6-volt, sealed lead acid, maintenance-free, rechargeable.
Bulb Type Supplied

Bulb Type Supplied

Type of bulb supplied with the fixture

Replacement Lamp

5.4 Watts
Length (in)

Length (in)

Also referred to as "Maximum Overall Length" (MOL). For light bulbs, it measures the length of a light bulb, from the top of the bulb to the bottom of the base or pins and is typically expressed in inches. For light fixtures and ballasts, it applies to the total horizontal length of the item.
Width (in)

Width (in)

For fixtures and ballasts, width is the measurement of the total horizontal distance from left to right of the product in inches.
2.75 (5" with ceiling mount kit)
Height (in)

Height (in)

For ballasts and fixtures, height is the measurement of total vertical distance from the top of the product to the bottom expressed in inches.
10 (11 with ceiling mount kit)

Number of Faces

1 or 2


The decorative finish of the item.

Lettering Color



Flame Retardant Plastic


Back, Side (L or R), or Top


Installation Type

Installation Type

The way in which a fixture attaches to its relevant surface.


5 year limited
Damp Location

Damp Location

Suitable for an exterior or interior location that is subject to condensation of moisture in, on or adjacent to electrical equipment