Bulbs.com to launch its own line of energy efficient LEDs

WORCESTER, Mass., March 22, 2016 -- Bulbs.com, one of the largest online distributors of lighting products officially launched its own line of private label LED light bulbs under its Bulbs.com brand.

Bulbs.com developed its own A19 and BR30 style LEDs to provide customers with a better value solution priced 15% to 20% lower than comparable name brand manufacturers. "Our customers wanted a better LED value alternative with the same quality as name brand manufacturers and we delivered with our private label LEDs" – says Mike Connors, CEO of Bulbs.com.

The Bulbs.com private label LED line includes:

An ENERGY STAR® qualified dimmable 10 watt BR30 LED bulb that generates as much light as many 65 watt incandescent bulbs.

An ENERGY STAR® qualified A-19 omni-directional dimmable 9 watt LED bulb that generates as much light as many 60 watt incandescent bulbs.

Bulbs.com is currently developing a “no frills” version of its popular A19 style 9 watt LED that will be priced to save its customers an additional 25% to 30%. This non-dimmable A19 9 watt product is scheduled to launch later this year.

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To learn more about the new Bulbs.com private label products visit www.bulbs.com/privatelabel or call a certified Lighting Specialist at 1.888.455.2800.

About Bulbs.com

Bulbs.com, headquartered in Worcester, Mass.was established in August 1999. It quickly grew to become the web's #1 light bulb superstore, providing lighting products to nearly 200,000 commercial customers operating across 350,000 locations in hospitality, retail, property-management, healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, industrial, and municipal sectors. At Bulbs.com we believe that shopping for energy efficient lighting solutions should be easy and uncomplicated. That's why we pledge a no-hassle shopping experience that has earned us the highest merchant review scores in our industry. For more information, visit Bulbs.com.