Bulbs.com announces its FREE Energy Efficient Lighting Assessment for commercial customers

WORCESTER, Mass., June 23, 2015 -- Bulbs.com, one of the largest online distributors of replacement lighting products is launching a FREE Lighting Assessment program to help commercial customers convert to more energy efficient lighting solutions with the help of available utility rebate incentives.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), energy usage from commercial lighting accounted for 19% of total commercial sector electricity consumption in 2014.  It's easy to see why lighting is one of the best places to start when attempting to generate energy savings for a facility.  Lighting retrofits are easy to complete, very affordable through rebate incentives, and have a quick payback period from energy cost savings.   Bulbs.com has made it even easier to start driving energy costs savings for commercial customers with the launch of its FREE Energy Efficient Lighting Assessment.  Commercial customers simply enter basic information about their current lighting system at Bulbs.com/FreeAssessment.  A Bulbs.com certified Lighting Specialist will contact the customer about energy saving lighting solutions and available utility rebate incentives that provide the best match for the company's objectives.

Commercial and Industrial accounts can save up to 50% on energy costs by converting to more efficient lighting.  They can also save up to 70% on lighting purchases through qualifying utility rebate program incentives.  Bulbs.com has expanded its utility rebate program coverage through new distribution participation agreements with utility companies servicing customers from New England to the Pacific Coast, offering customers instant rebates on approved LED products.  Bulbs.com provides an easy and convenient process with its Free Energy Efficient Lighting Assessment to deliver the energy saving lighting solutions and utility rebates for its customers. The process has 3 simple steps:

  1. Assess current lighting system – Bulbs.com conducts a lighting analysis to gather basic information such as the number of lights, types of lights, locations, time in use and wattages to help understand energy usage at the customer's facility. 
  2. Identify available energy cost and rebate savings – Bulbs.com will determine the energy efficient lighting solutions available that will offer the best potential savings while maximizing available utility rebate incentives across the United States for its customer.
  3. Present an Energy Efficient Lighting Plan - The third step is to present the complete Energy Efficient Lighting Plan that details out the best products and available rebate incentives to obtain maximum energy efficiency and cost savings. Bulbs.com provides a no-cost detailed analysis of the facilities estimated current energy usage, projected savings from the optimized solution, estimated utility rebate incentives, and complete return on investment (ROI).

Bulbs.com makes the transition to energy efficient lighting even easier with its exclusive BUY 'N' TRY program that lets customers try a few of the lamps risk-free before committing to a larger order.  The program helps to insure that customers find the right lighting solution for their business needs. 

"The Free Energy Efficient Lighting Assessment coupled with our exclusive Buy 'N' Try program provides a very compelling solution to help customers make the transition to more energy efficient lighting" – says Robert Kernweis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  The Bulbs.com team of certified Lighting Specialists and dedicated utility partnership managers are committed to helping customers convert to energy efficient lighting with the help of available utility rebate incentives. 

Learn more:

To learn more about the Free Energy Efficient Lighting Assessment visit Bulbs.com/FreeAssessment or call a certified Lighting Specialist at 1.888.455.2800.

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