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Award-Winning Sengled Snap is now in stock!

by Christina Crow-Dufault 22 January, 2016 04:27

The long-awaited, award-winning Sengled Snap LED is now in stock! It is an innovative LED light bulb that also functions as a wireless HD camera for outdoor monitoring.  


Sengled Snap won Best of Innovation at CES 2015 in the Smart Home product category. Home or business owners can place Snap over entryways and garages to keep an eye on surroundings any time of day or night. The ultra-wide angle HD camera captures high-quality video that can be viewed instantly via your iOS or Android device.  There is also an option to store data in the cloud for an additional fee.  Users can customize motion zones and receive alerts when activity is detected.

Did you know that a burglary takes place every 14.1 seconds in the U.S. and 56% of break-ins are through the front or back doors. Accordingly, 90% of consumers say security is one of the top reasons to purchase a smart home system. 70% of consumers also say they are excited about the potential cost savings from energy efficiency and monitoring. Sengled Snap provides stronger home monitoring and energy efficiency at an unbeatable cost.

Sengled Snap features include:

  • Outdoor rated for year-round use;
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • No wires required
  • HD streaming and recording (with Cloud service, purchased separately)
  • Motion detection & intelligent alert (with Cloud service)
  • Low light and nighttime visibility
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Notifications, scheduling & sharing

We'll keep you posted as we continue to build out our assortment of smart lighting products for both commercial and residential use. In the meantime, we carry a full line of Sengled’s smart lighting products including

  • Pulse- Dimmable LED light bulb with integrated JBL speakers in a two bulb set. Connect up to 8 LED bulbs.
  • Pulse Solo- Dimmable LED light bulb with Wireless Stereo JBL Speakers in a single bulb.
  • Boost- Dimmable LED light bulb with Integrated Wi-Fi Repeater

 If you have any questions about smart lighting or LED in general, one of our many certified Lighting Specialists would be happy to help at 888-455-2800, live chat, or email customerservice@bulbs.com


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