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LED Lighting phase-out, April 2015

by Christina Crow-Dufault 1 April, 2015 07:37

On December 16th, Congress passed a bill with a provision to enforce new energy-efficiency standards for certain types of light bulbs, mostly affecting Light Emitting Diodes, or LED lighting. This "LED bulb phase-out" stems from the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 2007). A section of this Act has come under the label of "LED bulb ban" with most major media outlets since the announcement, despite not technically being a ban. It simply states that certain classes of LED lamps will be phased-out in order to meet new efficiency standards mandated by law. 

The passing of this bill has caused quite a lot confusion as to what this means for LED lighting. The truth is, only the 60 watt equivalent LEDs are scheduled for phase-out starting April 2015, with others to follow. Since EISA was signed into law, lighting manufacturers have spent the last few years investing heavily in R&D and production-line modifications to develop products that will meet the new efficiency standards as soon as this July. 

If you are thinking about stocking up on these 60 watt equivalent LEDs, you’ll still be able to purchase from Bulbs.com after July of this year, but keep in mind, it’s only while supplies last. 

Here's something else you should probably know for the scheduled LED phase-out for April 2015: 

Some manufacturers have created a new type of LED product with cutting-edge technology and a process referred to, by industry insiders, as Manufacturing In Satire (MisLED). It looks the same and provides the same amount of light as a typical LED, but meets the new standards as outlined in chapter 04, section 01 of the Energy Independence and Security Act.


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Lighting Phase-outs & Regulations


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