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Lighting for Distributors: Staying ahead of the Curve

by Christina Crow-Dufault 24 July, 2012 05:27

As a distributor of lighting products it can be challenging and often time consuming to find the right products for your customers’ needs.  Also, constant changes in technology and recent government legislation can make it difficult to keep up. Most recently, LED lighting and the PAR Halogen/T12 Fluorescent lamp Phase-out have been keeping us busy.  Here are a few things you should know:

LED lighting

LED BulbsLED lamps are becoming more popular by the minute!  The good news is that this technology is rapidly improving and in turn, the cost is decreasing. Yes, LEDs may still come at a higher cost, but consider these worthwhile benefits:

  • Reduced energy costs-LEDs use 75-90% less energy than halogen and incandescent lamps.
  • Reduced labor costs-Long life means you don’t have to change your bulbs as often.
  • Reduced HVAC costs-Halogens put off high amounts of heat, make the switch and turn down you’re AC!
  • Utility Rebates for being an Energy Saver-check with your local utility provider for offers.

Tip: It’s also very important to use most LED bulbs in open, well-ventilated fixtures. The bulbs do not generate much heat, but if the electronic components inside of the bulb get too warm, it can cause early failure of the bulb. This can also be a concern with CFLs, but since the initial purchase price of LEDs tends to be higher, it’s even more important to install them only in fixtures that are well ventilated.

For a more in-depth look at LEDs, check out LED: Is It Right For You? from our Learning Center.

PAR Halogen/T12 Fluorescent Lamp Phase-out

As of July 14, 2012, to be compliant with EISA's energy efficient standards and a ruling by the Department of Energy in 2009, any parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) or reflector bulb that is 40 watts of higher can no longer be manufactured for use in the United States.  This ruling affects a large number or PAR and Reflector Halogen lamps that are commonly used by businesses and homeowners alike.  For more information about the Halogen Phase-out and replacement options take a peek at our recent blog post: Halogen Phase-out:  The Facts

Additionally, another commonly used lamp, the linear fluorescent T12 has been phased-out. There are approximately 500 million T12 lamps still installed commercially across the country; as well as in many households.  Many of the 4’, 8’ and U-bent fluorescent lamps can no longer be manufactured in the US and eventually will not be available for purchase.  Most F40, F34T12 and almost all FB40/FB34T12 U-bent lamps are included.  Also included are higher wattage 8’ linear lamps (including High Output) that do not meet the lumens/watt requirements – with some exceptions.

Now is the perfect time to explore this upgrade to energy efficient lighting. Magnetic ballasts for T12 lamps have not been manufactured in the US since July 2010 and soon it will become very difficult to track down T12 lamps. 

Retrofits kits or full fixture replacement are your two best options-unless you prefer to stock up.  Keep in mind that as inventory levels decrease, upgrading to a more efficient lamp is the best option for a number of reasons.  Here are a few benefits to upgrading:

* 35%-45% reduction in energy usage-based on lamp and ballast replacement used.
* Reduced HVAC costs- more efficient lamps produce less heat.
* Lowered labor Costs- Longer life on T8 and T5 lamps means less time replacing.
* Utility Rebates- check with your local utility provider for offers.. 

We’re Here for You!
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