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Lighting for Retail: Make Your Products Shine!

by Christina Crow-Dufault 7 May, 2012 04:02

Retail store lightingMuch like our recent blog post about the different types of lighting for the hospitality industry, the retail industry requires just as much attention when it comes to the products you sell and the environment you are creating for your customer.

It’s safe to say that just about every manager or business owner is looking for ways to save.  Energy costs from HVAC and lighting are no exception. The most common options are energy saving compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LEDs.  Both can produce quality light with the CRI needed for retail locations.

In the past, CFLs did not perform as well as they do today.  Light quality, color temperature and average rated life of the bulb have all made significant improvements over the years.  Still, it is a wise choice to purchase a reputable brand as there are some very inexpensive CFLs that often fail to meet their claim. Here is a great post if you would like to delve deeper into CFLs as an option. There are even dimmable options for spiral CFLs and CFL reflectors.  Tip: Speak with one of our Lighting Specialists as some lighting controls (dimmers, occupancy sensors) are not always compatible with dimmable CFL lamps. Additionally, if you are currently using a large quantity of halogen lamps to light your space, CFLs are a great solution as they produce very little heat.

LED lamps are becoming more popular by the minute!  The good news is that this technology is rapidly improving and in turn, the cost is decreasing.

Yes, LEDs can be expensive, but consider this:

  • Reduced energy costs-LEDs use 75-90% less energy than halogen and incandescent lamps.

  • Reduced labor costs-Long life means you don’t have to change your bulbs as often.

  • Reduced HVAC costs-Halogens put off high amounts of heat, make the switch and turn down you’re AC!

  • Rebates for being an Energy Saver-check with your local utility provider for offers.

Is LED right for you?

LEDs are available for a number of different lamp types including: A-style, MR16, Reflector, Decorative, Sign and Undercabinet. Again, this is a constantly improving technology- so if you’ve tried one in the past and it wasn’t bright enough- try again! Quality LED lamps will have a life of 30,000-50,000 hours, low wattage energy savings and a CRI perfect for selling your products.

If you are currently using halogen lamps throughout your location, there is an upcoming change that you should be aware of. 

A few months ago we posted a blog entry about the “incandescent bulb phase-out” for January 2012. We looked at the schedule  for 2012 through 2014 and explored the new Lighting Facts label that now appears on new bulb packaging.

In addition to the phase-out of these commonly used incandescent bulbs, there are a number of halogen lamps that are due for scheduled phase-out in July 2012. The new standards will affect many PAR and BR lamps.

We are working closely with our top manufacturers to provide you with more information on PAR and BR halogen replacement options as they become available.  If you need assistance choosing energy efficient replacement options that are now available, please contact our Lighting Specialists at 888-455-2800.   



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