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CEO's Take: What the EcoPinion Survey Says About Us, and the Future of Lighting

by Mike Connors 26 May, 2011 05:39

Mike Connors joined the Bulbs.com team in 2000, and was selected as Chief Executive Officer in 2009. Prior to becoming CEO, he spent several years serving as VP of Sales.

The March 2011 EcoPinion survey entitled “Lighting the Path Forward for Greater Energy Efficiency” offers interesting if not insightful commentary regarding the acceptance and usage of energy efficient lighting products by U.S. households.

It’s important to note that at first glance one might believe that a survey conducted by an organization named “Ecoalign” would be slanted in some way toward favorable opinions of energy efficient or green products because the respondents were predominantly environmentalists – This is not the case. The methodology used for the survey used a statistically significant sampling size of respondents who were targeted according to gender, age, census region and ethnicity. The sample was drawn from Survey Sampling International’s SurveySpot online consumer panel, an organization that is highly regarded as a sample provider in the market research industry.

Among the more surprising findings in the study was the number of households that have installed some type of LED lighting. The survey concluded that 27% of households had installed “some sort of LED fixture for general lighting purposes over the past year”. Despite the substantial increases in sales of LED lighting products at Bulbs.com we would have predicted a lower installation rate, most likely in the single digits. The good news is that Americans are taking these products out for a test drive.

The survey suggests that Americans are clearly making a move toward adoption of both CFLs and LEDS and understand that incandescent lighting just isn’t very efficient. While we agree with the survey findings it is interesting to note that a measurable increase in incandescent sales is occurring at Bulbs.com. We believe the uptick in purchases is being driven by long time incandescent users who either don’t like the light provided by CFL and LED light sources and/or they are sending a message that they will not accept government legislation mandating consumers to purchase one type of light bulb over another. Incandescent users should understand that while legislation is making some popular bulbs obsolete there will still be incandescent and halogen bulbs that will be available that perform to standards similar to the older products.

We urge our readers, particularly those interested in emerging lighting technology, to read at least the first 5-6 pages of the survey findings and post a comment giving us your views!

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