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Plantmax T5 LED 32 Watt Bulb
T5 LED Grow Lamp

Plantmax T5 LEDs provide a white daylight spectrum that plants will love during the vegetative growing stage. These T5 LEDs can be easily installed in your current T5 fluorescent fixtures, making it an easy transition when upgrading from standard T5 HO Lamps. The Plantmax 32 watt T5 is a direct replacement for 54 watt T5 fluorescent lamps.

This Plantmax T5 LED is the perfect way to make your grow setup more energy efficient.

Horticulture lighting products have revolutionized indoor and controlled-environment agriculture. These specialized lights are designed to mimic the sun's spectrum, providing the essential wavelengths required for optimal plant growth. From small-scale home gardens to large-scale commercial operations, these products offer precise control over light intensity, duration, and spectrum, enabling cultivators to optimize yields and quality.

A variety of horticulture lighting technologies are available, including high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), fluorescent, and LED grow lights. Each technology has its advantages and drawbacks, with LED lights gaining popularity due to their energy efficiency, longevity, and ability to tailor light spectra to specific plant needs. Timers and light meters further enhance cultivation efficiency.

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