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What's the official line on mercury in light bulbs?

Mercury Legislation

Regulations & Policy
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All fluorescent lamps and most high intensity discharge lamps require mercury in order to function properly. Due to the environmental impact that mercury has when improperly disposed of, many states have enacted legislation mandating that any lamps containing mercury must be properly disposed of or recycled. Since most of this regulation has been done at the state level, legislation varies depending on where you are located.

Bulbs.com recommends checking lamprecycle.org for the latest information on mercury disposal and reclamation legislation in your area. Lamprecycle.org is run by the trade organization National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

Bulbs.com can provide the resources you need to stay compliant with your local regulations, check the “Helpful Resources” section below or contact us at 888-455-2800 for additional assistance.

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