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Bulbs.com receives grant from Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund.

Sales Team to receive Sandler Training program to build on impressive 2011 growth.

Worcester, MA. February 2, 2012 - Bulbs.com, one of the nation’s largest Philips Lighting distributors and one of Internet Retailers Top 500, announces that the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund has awarded Bulbs.com a grant of $22,000 to conduct sales training aimed at further developing their inside sales staff.

“Our sales force is already motivated, energetic and extremely talented,” says Bulbs.com CEO Mike Connors. “But we want to develop each employee’s skills to the fullest to build on our momentum and future success.”

The grant comes from the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund – a taxpayer funded program that is part of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development designed to improve employee skills and maintain the economic strength and viability of the Commonwealth's businesses.

“Our sales staff will complete 12 training sessions designed to create “skills enhancement” education rather than the mostly motivational seminar-based training programs,” says Connors. “This will undoubtedly make our sales staff more effective in both the short and long terms and significantly contribute to our growth.”

Everyone on the Bulbs.com sales team has inside or outside sales experience and has been certified as a Lighting Specialist by NAILD – the National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors. This training is designed to build on their existing sales skills that will build a group of the most highly- effective sales professionals in the lighting category.

“We are excited to announce that we have selected Sandler for our training program,” says Sales Manager, Russ Lamacchia. “Sandler Training is a highly-respected firm with a proven curriculum that will deliver results.”

A Train-the-Trainer component has been added to ensure that future employees will benefit long after the facilitated training is complete.

“We have hired Greg Nanigian from Greg Nanigian and Associates of Braintree, MA to facilitate the program. His 25 years of training sales teams in the Sandler method will ensure we have fun and get the most out of every session” says Lamacchia.

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Bulbs.com, headquartered in Worcester, Mass., is a leading online incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting supplier. Established in August 1999, Bulbs.com provides over 4,500 lighting products from Philips, Sylvania and GE to a growing list of nearly 100,000 commercial customers operating 300,000 locations in the hospitality, retail, property-management, healthcare, manufacturing and municipal sectors. For more information, visit www.bulbs.com.

About Massachusetts Workforce Training Program Fund

For more information regarding the Massachusetts Workforce Training Program Fund, please visit www.mass.gov/wtfp

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