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As a premier online distributor of Universal ballasts, Bulbs.com proudly offers industry-leading Universal products to help illuminate your business or home. Whether fluorescent or HID, we carry the Universal ballast needed to keep your lighting system compliant and running at its best long into the future.

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250 Watt, 120-277&480 Volt Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast

SKU: P250ML5AC4M500K | Ordering Code: P250ML5AC4M500K

Brand: Universal Energy Used: 285W Height (in): 4.3 Input Volts: 120/208/240/277/480 Length (in): 4.75 Number of Lamps: 1 Width (in): 3.9 All details
Price per Ballast
Each $54.99
 x  Ballast

ELECTRONIC Sign Ballast for High Output T12 Lamps

SKU: ESB432-14 | Ordering Code: ESB432-14

Ballast Factor: 80-86% Brand: Universal Energy Used: 420W Height (in): 2.7 Input Volts: 120 Length (in): 16.7 Number of Lamps: 2/3/4 Width (in): 3.2 All details
Price per Ballast
Each $89.99
 x  Ballast
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